Mary as the New Eve

Genesis 3: 1-19

Without Stain By Elena Martinez

"Did God really tell you not to eat from any of the trees in the garden?"

The voice came from an undefined point. The voice was different from that of her Father. He did not seem to want to ask a simple question, but rather question something. He could have very well added "but come on, you can't be serious!" It seemed that the stranger wanted to gossip.

The girl did not answer. Why would she reveal to a stranger something that did not concern him?

The voice became more insistent: "Come on I don't want to hurt you. It was just a question. A curiosity, let's say." The girl turned around, thinking she had heard a rustle. She would never have revealed anything, just for curiosity's sake. There was no need for gossiping or eavesdropping because in the garden there were no secrets. Everything was clear and everything could be seen. A strange thing was that the voice had not been preceded by footsteps. It seemed, at one pint, to come from one direction, and then from another, but was accompanied only by a dull, continuous noise.

Why wouldn't he come out into the open? The garden was beautiful, everything was beautiful. There was nothing to fear. Why hide?

The girl approached a short tree, from whose braided and rugged trunk two branches spread out, one on the right and one on the left. They were two open arms inviting her to embrace it. Admiring the tree, she responded to the invitation.

The voice became contemptuous: "If you do not answer, then it means that it is true that God has forbidden you that fruit which is so desirable! See how beautiful it is! In your opinion, God, as good as he is, would forbid you to eat it?" The girl was convinced that the voice was coming from below and she noticed a cloud of dust rising not far from her. Because He is good, He knows what could hurt me, she thought to herself. Now she knew without a doubt that that strange voice, which had nothing in common with that of her Father, did not belong to the garden. Whoever he was, he had snuck in without permission.

"In reality, God knows that if you ate that lovely fruit, you would become like him! What did he tell you instead? That you would surely die? And you believe that God can die?" This time the girl sensed something near her foot, but it lasted only a moment. Become like Him? - She thought to herself, but remained silent - I look so much like Him: when I look at Him, it's like looking into a mirror.

"Come on, let's go try it and see! I know you're hungry, taste it... don't worry, you will not die. On the contrary, you will become a goddess and everything you see will be yours." The voice had become firm, imperative. Was he trying to command her?

This time the girl had seen a thin, fast, slimy thing moving among the rocks right next to her. That strange beast was fast, but she was faster: she lifted her foot and stomped on him. "It's all mine already. I'm His daughter." The girl said as she crushed that ugly thing that was so impertinent.